Partners Relief and Development


Sustainable Development

Partners works to enable families to provide for themselves by initiating agricultural, animal husbandry, and cottage industry projects for sustainable livelihood. By helping communities and families help themselves, we invest in the basic daily needs of children affected by conflict and oppression. Wherever we work, our eye is on sustainable development.

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Strengthening Families

We endeavor to strengthen families and provide safe nurturing environments for children to grow, while keeping them in school and developing church and social institutions to reduce the number of children sold, kidnapped, exploited or otherwise trafficked into prostitution and slavery each year.

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Emergency Relief

We provide emergency and short-term provision of food, shelter materials, and basic survival necessities for children, their families, and communities during times of acute crisis. Emergency relief is essential when war or social breakdown occurs leaving children vulnerable to suffering and exploitation.

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Free the Oppressed


Free Burma Rangers – Burma, Kurdistan, Sudan

Relief: FBR teams provide emergency medical, educational, spiritual, material and general assistance to people who suffer under oppression in Burma. Teams move throughout the conflict and crisis areas to give aid and comfort and also conduct leadership training, as well as medical, educational, reporting and general capacity building for people inside Burma. Teams also document human rights violations and report to the relevant authorities. Priority of assistance goes to the Internally Displaced People (IDP), of Burma as well as to those who’s villages have recently been attacked by the Burma Army. FBR teams stand in solidarity with those who suffer and assist people of all races and faiths.