George TronsrueGeorge Tronsrue

Co-Founder, The Jericho Alliance, Redmond, WA

George has served as a Co-Manager for the Jericho Fund, LLC since 1999, which is an investment and consulting company founded by he and his wife, Cindy. He serves as an advisor, investor and member of the Board of Directors for Imagespan, Inc (Vice Chairman), Open Range Communications, Inc and SinglePipe Communications, Inc (Executive Chairman) and several other private companies. George has prior experience as a Board member for Infospace (NASDAQ:INSP) from 2003-2009; Chairman & CEO and President & COO for several private and public companies, including Monet Mobile Networks, Inc, XO Communications (NASDAQ:XOXO) and espire Communications, Inc (NASDAQ traded) during the period 1994 – 2004, all in the high tech and communications industry. While working at these companies, he was responsible for and oversaw fundraising activities that raised an aggregate total of more than $1 billion. Since 1999 George has also been actively involved in many private non-profit/charitable entities, several of which he and his wife Cindy founded. Since 2005, he and their family have been actively involved in supporting humanitarian relief and aid for the millions of displaced ethnic people inside Burma and have traveled to the area several times to see the situation first hand. He has also been involved as a key participant in meetings with members of Congress and other United States governmental agencies to help build broader international and financial support for the pro-democracy movement involving Aung San Suu Kyi, the Ethnic Council of Burma and a just resolution in Burma for its people.