Free Burma Rangers Releases Annual Report 2017

Free Burma Rangers Publications 1 July 2018 Free Burma Rangers celebrates 20 years with the 2017 Annual Report, expanding aid to address victims of ISIS in Mosul as well as to the suffering and displacement of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya and ethnic Burmese in Kachin, Ta’ang and northern Shan. Shaheen The Report [...]

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American Girl Responds to ISIS Attacks

Kurdistan, Northern Iraq11 April, 2016ISIS does evil things, yet it has attracted talented, brilliant, tough and motivated young people. But evil is not the only power that attracts. Love attracts people and I want to share the story of Elle, a young American college girl who put her academic scholarship and membership on her track [...]

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FBR Relief Mission to Sudan

This is a video about FBR's first mission to provide help, hope, and love to the Nuba people in Sudan.

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BURMA: An Update from David Eubank (Free Burma Rangers)

The elections held in Burma are a good step; many people could vote, the National League for Democracy won and Aung San Suu Kyi is helping to form a new government. There is hope that this will lead to more steps towards freedom, justice and reconciliation in Burma. However, many people in the conflict areas [...]

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FBR Report: Gas Attacks, Women Enslaved, Destruction Continues by ISIS, but Love Pushes Back

Dear friends, Thank you for your love and support for us and the people we are with in Burma, Sudan and Kurdistan. With out God’s help we would be lost in what to do and with out you we would not be able to help much. We thank all of you that we are a [...]

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May 2015 visit to the Lay Ton Koh Health Center

May 2015 visit to the Lay Ton Koh Health Center with David (left in FBR shirt) and Geordie Tronsrue (to his right visiting from Beijing, China) and 2 other volunteers who hitched a ride back to civilization.  This photo was taken before heading back from the Thai/Burma border town of Mae Sot, a large population [...]

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